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SWR Spelling Rules – Part One

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We’ve probably all heard the rule: “When two vowels go walking, the first one does the talking.” Unfortunately, this rule only works 27% of the time when you hold it up to the English language as a whole. Why do we teach rules like this if it’s so incompetent? Wouldn’t we want to teach rules for the language that actually work?

A typical approach to ...

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10 Errors I made as an SWR Newbie — Part Two

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Today I’ll continue sharing the last five errors I made as a newbie SWR teacher. You can read Part One here.

6. I didn’t have the kids “say it while you write it.”

The “sight word” approach to teaching reading involves showing the child a card, saying the word, and expecting the child to visually memorize that word by seeing it repeatedly. Part of the ...

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10 Errors I Made as an SWR Newbie — Part One

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The year was 1991, and I was teaching in a Special Education classroom for children with speech and language delays. When I considered how my K-3 students were doing in reading, I shuddered. The Whole Language approach our district had adopted was failing not only most of the students in the school but especially my precious language-delayed students. I desperately ...

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6 Tips to Encourage Reading Over the Summer

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With summer comes a change in routine from your regular school year. How can you encourage more reading in your household during this special time? What will help change things up a bit to get everyone on board? We’ve got SIX tips to help you meet those “Read More” goals.


Spend time at the library, letting the kids explore different genres of books ...

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