8th Dimension: A Symurell Rises

The Eighth Dimension: A Symurell Rises

In the world of Cydelorean, two races—the humans and the talmans—lived peacefully together under the guidance of a powerful being known as the Silver Hand. But then, a great evil was spread over the land by a dark being called the Black Fire, and the two races became enemies. The Silver Hand was almost forgotten. Now, the talmans and the humans seem to be living peacefully though separately, while under the surface a great war rages between the Black Fire’s power-hungry servants who call themselves the Fire Legion and an order of talmans and humans devoted to the service to the Silver Hand—the Gamrod Brotherhood.

During a lull in this conflict, the Silver Hand puts into effect a plan that could spell ether victory or disaster for the Gamrod Brotherhood. By means of crossbreeding the two already existing races, he creates a new race to destroy the Fire Legion and to bring unity back to the two races; a race more powerful than humans or talmans combined; a race that, as of yet, has only one member, the Symurells.

Seth’s life is a monotonous pattern of working, eating, sleeping, and occasionally getting into fights with the village bullies. But when two talmans appear in his village in need of help, Seth is catapulted into an adventure he never dreamed of!


This outstanding, action-packed book is wonderfully similar to ‘Lord of the Rings,’ and yet it contains none of the long breaks between adventures keeping you in suspense throughout the entire tale which, coupled with the superb style of writing, places it among my favorite books. — Brianna, 13

I read this book to my daughters. We looked forward each evening to the next chapter. I couldn’t wait to find out what happened next. — Buck Cunningham, Homeschool Dad

This story was definitely a page-turner. I would highly recommend it to anyone. It is a well-written adventure that tracks the transformation of a common boy. If you can get your hands on this book, you will not be disappointed with it. As for me, the entire story served as a reminder of how little faith we have as humans, yet how much God uses that little faith to work miracles in everyday plain situations.– Emily, college student, 21

This book was filled with a refreshing new story line all its own. I looked forward to each chapter to find out what was going to happen next. It just got better and better. This author has talent for writing! — Debbie, 51

I really enjoyed The Eight Dimension. It reminded me of The Hobbit with a Christian-like storyline. — Carl Lee Harvell III, 10

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