LITHBTH Educational Services is here to

Encourage and Equip so you can Educate Effectively

My goals are to provide you with information, encouragement, the materials you need to use SWR and/or Cursive First, and the training that will help you effectively educate your own students with these amazing programs.

  • Do you want to maximize your teaching and have solid results?
  • Do you have students who are struggling with learning to read?
  • Are you puzzled about how to explain why words are spelled the way they are?
  • Are you just starting out on this teaching journey and want to make sure you’re doing it correctly?

…then you’ve landed in just the right spot!

With a background in Speech Pathology and Audiology, I was teaching in a special needs classroom and was frustrated with my students’ inability to learn to read using the whole language approach my school district was pushing. I discovered Wanda Sanseri’s materials and started implementing them immediately. All of my students experienced tremendous strides in their reading and spelling abilities that year, some even leaving the self-contained classroom because of their growing skills. Since 1991, I have used SWR for tutoring both children and adults, in the homeschool setting with my own children, and to train adult teachers. In 2000 I developed the Cursive First program to coordinate with SWR. Many educators have had great success using the CF methods and tools. As of 2012, I’m once again back in the classroom and love seeing the amazing results with SWR and Cursive First.

My passion is all about coming along side you, the educator, and helping you to be successful and to see the results I’ve experienced myself.

Be encouraged! Get equipped. Let’s get started.
Liz FitzGerald, M.S.