Do you already own one or both of the Wise Guide Enrichment Activity Worksheet books but are no longer able to access the file(s) from the CD? Follow these instructions.

  • If you are able to use the CD with your computer, just save the digital file directly from the CD to your hard drive; there is no need to request a digital file from us. Please only request files if you are no longer able to access the information on the CD.
  • Please complete this form FOR EACH digital file you are requesting.
  • The “printing” for each book is listed on the copyright page. Just beneath the little reader logo you’ll see “Second Printing” or “Third Printing.” If nothing appears there, you have a first printing. All books have a ©2015 copyright date, so that’s not helpful information.
  • You must currently own the book and be able to validate purchase information to be eligible for a digital file at no cost. The digital file ALONE is insufficient for your needs; a teacher must have the Teacher’s Answer Key to use the student worksheets.
  • If you bought the book from SWR Training, we can verify your purchase information if you submit the name on the order with your request.
  • As indicated in the book, these student worksheet pages are copyrighted material, which means that they are NOT to be shared with anyone else. The student pages are only to be used with the students you are teaching directly.