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Are you getting our emails?

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On Wednesday 3/27/19 we sent out an email with information about our Phonemic Awareness Playlists. You were so excited to receive it . . . until you didn’t.

We’ve had multiple people tell us, “I didn’t get the email” 😢 Well, actually, you probably did — you just need to tell your email provider that you want it.

1. Look in your spam folder.
Even if you’ve been receiving our emails and opening them (important!), sometimes the email providers will send a random email or the first email you get from a new mailing list to the spam folder. Go look there.

2. Look for our sending address (
You can often do a search for just our address to locate the email in your regular inbox.

3. Tell your program that you want to receive our emails.
Add our address to your contact list, so our emails will show up in your inbox.

4. Make sure you’re on our list.
A recent error caused over 100 email addresses to be deleted from our list. Yours could be one of them. Sign up again if you were expecting an email and didn’t get it.

5. Wait after signing up.
Our “Welcome” email should come to you pretty quickly, but the followup email (our latest newsletter) can take up to an hour.

6. Still cannot find it?
Contact us and let us know (1) your name, and (2) what email you used to sign up for our list. We’ll look into the status of your email.

We send a newsletter to our email list every two weeks.* We won’t overload your inbox, and we NEVER share or sell your information. People who sign up for our list want information about Spell to Write and Read and/or Cursive First. You can unsubscribe at any time.

*Once SWR Seminars are being scheduled, you’ll also receive information about those, especially if one is coming to a location near you. These additional but occasional emails might cause you to get more than one email in a two-week period.

Do you want the Phonemic Awareness freebie? Make sure you’re on our list.

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