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Worksheet Books Digital Makeover

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Worksheets 1st-3rd Printings

Our Wise Guide Enrichment Worksheet books are getting a digital makeover. We are in the process of moving to delivering the Student version of the worksheets as a digital file instead of on a CD enclosed with the Teacher’s book.

Many of our customers have reported that their computers no longer have a CD reader, and since we recommend saving the digital file on the CD directly to your computer anyway, we decided it’s time to just go straight to a digital file.

As of mid-August, our current stock of both books is almost depleted, and we’ve got some revisions to make in the book and on the website to accommodate this change. Once the revisions are ready to be delivered to the printer, we have to wait, as the turnaround time for our order will take a bit longer due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

What this means to you, the customer:

  • While we have some of Book A-M in stock, none of the books we ship will have the CD. As these books are purchased, we will email each customer the digital file for the student worksheets when we process the order. Look for that email to come from swrtraining [at] gmail [dot] com.
  • We still have just a few of the N-Z books in stock. We’ll continue sending those with the CD until we sell out. Once our current inventory is gone, we will accept backorders, but we cannot ship until the new books arrive.
  • We are working to get the website set up to automatically deliver the digital file. Until that happens, each customer will be emailed the digital file(s) individually.
  • Once we move to a digital download, customers who purchase the worksheet books from other vendors and who do not receive a CD will be provided with information for how they can get the digital file at no cost.
  • The digital file is NOT available as a separate purchase; it is only available with the purchase of the Teacher’s version of the worksheets book(s).

Thank you for your patience while we make this transition.

Do you already own one or both of the Worksheet books and need a digital file? Please complete this request form.

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