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SWR Mobile App

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In order for the students to learn the phonograms to the automatic level for both reading and writing, they need to be practicing daily. One of the ways you can do this with ease is to download the SWR mobile app from either the iTunes store or from Google Play. You can go into the settings and program the app for up to four people for
• speed of review
• which phonograms to review (single-letter, multi-letter, or all)
• in order or shuffled
• with or without the rules
• how many times you want the cycle to repeat

Download your mobile SWR app today.   Google Play    iTunes (iPhone or iPad)

Please note that having your students practice with the app should not replace their time with you, but it’s a great supplement to your work together, and when you absolutely cannot get to the cards, this is a great alternative!

2019 Update: If you are using the Android version of our app, please see the information about the June 2019 Android Update!



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