In various Facebook Live broadcasts, Endorsed SWR Trainer Liz FitzGerald answers questions submitted by our SWR users. See each video description for the topic being addressed.

Topic: How to use Spell to Write and Read in co-op setting

Topic: Can spelling of new words be predicted?

Topic: How to get a beginning student ready for Spell to Write and Read

Topic: How do you teach capital letters with SWR and Cursive First?

Topic: How do you know which phonogram to use for the /k/ sound?

Topic: The age old conundrum: To Drop the E or Not to Drop the E…that IS the question!

Topic: How do i fit the rule cards fit into my lessons?

Topic: How to get 40 spelling words per week into your schedule

Topic: Markings, when and where to use them

Topic: How to challenge older students who are new to SWR


The statement was made in this video that the Wise List includes 2000 of the most frequently used words in English. The Wise List includes the 1000 of the most frequently used words from the Ayres list developed in the 1920s as well as an additional 300 words in a more recently used list of the top 1000 most frequently used words. That includes words like airplane and telephone.” The other 700 words are an extension of words that help us practice spelling issues. Many of the words in the later lists in WISE Guide are from the extension list.

Topic: How to teach words with double consonants

Topic: Realistic expectations for a 6-year-old student learning with SWR

Topic: How to teach words with contractions, including how to write them in cursive and how to dictate them

Topic: The differences between tests, quizzes, and when and how to help the student during these assessments

Topic: How much time should I schedule for SWR each day?

Topic: When is a student is ready to move from penmanship practice and into the Learning Log to start the spelling lists? This is a quick overview of Steps #1-11 in the SWR Scope & Sequence.