Spell to Write and Read is . . .



We teach systematic phonics instead of look-say. Reading instruction is rooted in the sound-symbol system, not limited to visual memory.


With only 70 phonograms and a few spelling rules we can phonetically explain 93-98% of the most frequently used words in our language. We find that English is highly consistent and not full of the many exceptions we were taught!


We teach children to think with logic, not to guess!


We integrate all aspects of language arts. For example, we teach the sounds the letters make while teaching penmanship. SWR will cover penmanship, phonics, spelling, reading, beginning grammar, beginning composition, and vocabulary development–all in one!


We use a multi-sensory presentation (using all four senses simultaneously; seeing, hearing, saying and writing) thereby teaching to all learning types.


This foundation is carefully presented in such a way as to not overload with too much to confuse, or to leave with too little. The child is able to experience real life success.


The program is unbelievably inexpensive. The Core Kit of Teacher’s Materials will last for as many students as you will teach and for the duration of their instruction with this method. There is no need to buy costly consumable workbooks for your students every year. All your student will need is a simple learning log and reading materials you provide. Basal readers are not needed or recommended. The first reader can be the Bible!


The system can be used equally well with one-on-one tutoring or group instruction.


Students properly taught with SWR excel.


SWR can be effectively used in any teaching situation whether it be homeschooling, tutoring, classroom, or teaching ESL. The Teacher’s Manuals are written in a way any teacher– whether credentialed or just starting to homeschool–can understand and put into use.


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