Yr 2 Combos

Students at this Skill Level have had previous writing or reading instruction and are continuing in their study of the spelling and reading process. Their penmanship skills are well established, but they may be ready to transition to cursive if they have been using manuscript writing. They are ready to make good progress in the Wise Spelling Lists, in their reading skills, and in their reading comprehension.

NOTE: This Combo will provide you with one Black Learning Log for the student and one for the teacher. If you have additional students that fall within this Skill Level, you will need to order an additional Black Learning Log for each of these students. In addition, it is typical for a student in this range to cover some of the material included in the Wise Guide Enrichment Activities Book N-Z, which is not included in this combo package.

For further information about ordering, especially for students at different levels, please read the “How To Use These Pages” instructions.

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