K4/K5 Combos

Students in this Skill Level have little or no previous writing or reading instruction, but they are ready to begin learning the first phonograms, basic penmanship skills, and the beginning spelling and reading process. Over the course of the school year they will progress into several sections in the Wise Spelling List and will begin reading.
Basic K4/K5 Combo

NOTE: These Combos will provide you with one Primary Learning Log for the student and one for the teacher. If you have additional students that fall within this Skill Level, you will need to order an additional Primary Learning Log for each of these students. If you’re ordering a Combo other than the Basic, you’ll also need an extra  Writing Journal and a Smart Pal ® for each student within this Skill Level.

For further information about ordering, especially for students at different levels, please read the “How To Use These Pages” instructions.

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