Tracey Williams

Serving Northeastern U.S.

When I began homeschooling my 7 children in 1990, I knew I wanted to use phonics to teach reading and spelling, but I was overwhelmed by the myriad programs available. After learning about SWR and participating in a seminar with Wanda Sanseri, I knew my search was over, and I never looked back!

My husband and I later became part of a group to start a Classical Christian School where I trained teachers in this excellent program. Since that time I have been tutoring students and instructing teachers to use SWR. In my opinion, this vital information forms the basis for all education, and I am thrilled to share it with you!

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Would you like to see SWR in action? Following is a video of me using the SWR dictation method to teach a new word at the SWR Trainers Meeting in 2017. Enjoy!

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