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With a background in Speech Pathology and Audiology, I was teaching in a special needs classroom and was frustrated with my students’ inability to learn to read using the whole language approach my school district was promoting. I discovered Wanda Sanseri’s materials and started implementing them immediately. All of my students experienced tremendous strides in their reading and spelling abilities that year, some even leaving the self-contained classroom because of their growing skills.

Since 1991, I have used SWR for tutoring both children and adults, in the homeschool setting with my own children, and to train adult teachers. In 2000 I developed the Cursive First program to coordinate with SWR. Many educators have had great success using the Cursive First methods and tools. Between 2012-2016, I enjoyed being back in the classroom again, this time being able to add cursive writing to the mix. The amazing results were only confirmed once again the brilliance of these methods.

My passion is all about coming along side you, the educator, and helping you to be successful and to see the results I’ve experienced myself. My goals are to provide you with information, encouragement, the materials you need to use SWR and/or Cursive First, and the training that will help you effectively educate your own students with these amazing programs.

Advanced Seminar

August 15-17, 2018 • Concord, CA

Registration Deadline
Monday, August 6, 2018

Why is this date important? Please read the Seminar FAQ page for more information.


Floyd I. Marchus School
2900 Avon Avenue
Concord, CA 94520


See the Advanced Seminar page.


A 2-day Basic Seminar with any Endorsed SWR Trainer.


  • Spell to Write and Read
  • The WISE Guide
  • The Phonogram Cards
  • paper for notes
  • a set of highlight pens including yellow, orange, pink, blue, green, and purple
  • two colored pencils: blue & green
  • your Master Teacher Log(s)
  • the seminar binder from your previous Basic Seminar (Liz’s Basic Seminar Alumni)
  • bag lunch or money to purchase lunch in town

If you do not have any of these materials, please order them from me by the registration deadline to ensure that they will be on site for you. A limited supply of highlighter sets will be available for purchase at the class.


Please refer to the Seminar FAQ page.


Registration received
by 8/6/18
Registration received
after 8/6/18
First-time Advanced Seminar Participant
Special Guests
Non-Refundable Deposit
For more information on our scholarships, please visit the Seminars FAQs page.


Email Kat Negrete or call 323-828-6691


Clarion Hotel Concord
1050 Burnett Avenue
Concord, CA 94520
$159/night, includes breakfast (2.8 miles from seminar)

Motel 6 Concord
3606 Clayton Road
Concord, CA 94521
$103/night (3.2 miles from seminar)

Days Inn Concord
5370 Clayton Road
Concord, CA 94521
$135/night includes breakfast (6.1 miles from seminar)

One of our seminar alumni rented a room through Airbnb and had a lovely room close to one of our seminar sites for a very reasonable amount. You could check and see if they have something near this seminar available.

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How to Register

This is a simple three-step process. You must complete all three steps in order to successfully register for your class and to pre-order materials, if necessary.

Step One: Pre-registration information

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  2. Other questions are answered on our Seminars FAQ’s page.
  3. Teacher Materials necessary to use the program include the Core Teacher’s Kit.
      • Other materials helpful to the program, but which are not required, will be available at the class. To ensure that we have what you want, you can pre-order these items and have them set aside for you when you arrive.
      • To avoid shipping charges and pick your materials up at the class, add the code capickup in the coupon box at checkout. (NOTE: This coupon code is only for Northern CA Seminar students. Use of this code for any other orders will delay your order.)

To register, click on the tab above: 2. Registration Form

Step Two: Registration Form

Step Three: Payment for tuition

Your registration is complete when both your payment and registration form are received.

If you want to send a check for your tuition, send it to:
LITHBTH Educational Services
1179 West A Street #117
Hayward, CA 94541