Jani Sakultarawattn

Serving Oregon, Nevada, Idaho, and other areas

I am so excited to share Spell to Write and Read with others and to empower them to move forward with confidence! What is most exciting to me about teaching SWR is that I am always learning along with my students.

I have had the privilege of teaching preschoolers through adult students, both in classroom and homeschool settings, as well as teaching students learning English as a Second Language. I know from my own experience that SWR is effective for ALL ages and in ALL teaching situations!

The key for me as a teacher was to learn SWR well enough to apply it to any context. I have found that doing, doing, doing is what helped me most, and it will help you and your students, too.

At a seminar:

  • You can be the student! You will begin building your Master Teacher’s Log, while seeing spelling dictation modeled and Reference Pages built.
  • You will learn how to use the SWR Teacher’s Manual along with the Wise Guide to plan and teach lessons effectively.
  • You will be able to practice spelling dictation in a nonthreatening, supportive setting.
  • You will benefit from the experiences and questions of others.
  • The think-to-spell method will become a valuable lifelong tool for you and your students!

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