The Intermediate SWR Seminar

In the 1-day Intermediate Seminar, participants get to cover more of the program than a 2-day class allows.  This class is either added as a third day to the 2-day Basic Seminar or as a stand-alone 1-day class, depending on the host’s preferences.

The 1-day Intermediate Seminar includes

  • Teaching additional Reference Pages
  • Refining spelling dictation at different and higher levels in the Wise List
  • Using Wise Guide spelling enrichment activities
  • Planning the first several weeks of instruction
# of DaysOne
Teacher Levels1st grade through adult
Prerequisite2-day Basic Seminar (Is the class you're interested in also offering the 2-day Basic? Then you'd qualify to attend all three days.)
LocationNorthern California, although some Trainers' third day of their 3-day Basic is similar to this class
MaterialsCore Teacher’s Kit (sold separately)
Tuition$60-$68, depending on the trainer and how the class is scheduled

I just attended Liz FitzGerald’s Intermediate SWR class. AWESOME! If you have been using the SWR program for a couple years, you may be ready to take it to the next level.– Cindy, Homeschool Mom, CA