SWR Seminars

For 40 years, thousands of educators have been trained to use Spell to Write and Read in our 2- and 3-day classes where SWR comes to life and teachers experience the method firsthand as both student and teacher in training. Most adults today never learned the concepts that we teach with SWR. As for matters of phonics, most of us know very little. The challenge in the beginning for new SWR teachers is learning these keys. They are not complicated, but we adults do not pick up new things as quickly as a child. We gravitate to the comfort zone of what we already know. Much of the mist and uncertainty is made clear as the teacher walks through the preliminary steps of the program with a trained and experienced Endorsed Trainer and starts to build her Master Teacher’s Log.

Since reading and writing are required for any and all other subjects, the student must have a solid foundation so he can thrive in his academic years. A student who can read and spell well can work independently for much of his subsequent education. The successful teacher understands the value of teacher training.

Over the years official Spell to Write and Read seminars have been taught in five foreign countries and all but three states: ME, VT, WY. In any given year, we provide training in many different cities distributed in an average of half of the states. We will again have many classes in the coming year. Some classes are taught in the winter, spring, and fall, but most seminars will be in the summer.

Classes already scheduled for the year are on our Seminar Itinerary. Many more will follow. Your interest could help bring a class to your area.


What people are saying about SWR Seminars…

Seminars are a great benefit for many of us that were not Spalding trained as its a completely new concept from how we were taught….Seminars also provide a way to ‘jump in’ or ‘shorten the learning curve’ for some parents. — Deborah

I have learned more in this two-day course than in all my twelve years in school. I feel I have gained more confidence to teach.– Seminar Alumnus

Wanda and the other teachers she has trained and endorsed offer seminars across the country and in Canada. I have received many positive reports from those who have attended Wanda’s seminars and have used her materials. They tell me that Wanda gives them practical instruction that really works.Cathy Duffy, Curriculum Reviewer

I remember teaching one of my first seminars many years ago. Right before I started one of my students introduced himself.  He was a college professor of linguistics. When the class was over, he came and said that he had learned more in my seminar than he had learned in any other class ever. He then told me, “For the first time, I understand my language.” — Wanda Sanseri, SWR Author

Awesome! I’m so glad I came. I’m grateful to have the opportunity to get started with my children the correct way. — Seminar Alumnus

Phenomenal! If only I had known about this program when my child was younger–how much heartache it might have saved! — Seminar Alumnus

The hands on and walking me through the steps were what I needed to understand this program better. — Seminar Alumnus