• Daily direction for teaching Spell to Write and Read

  • Guidance and tips from a seasoned Trainer

  • Variety and fun for keeping the student engaged

New SWR teachers are guided in how to teach this phenomenal method. Experienced SWR teachers can breathe a sigh of relief, knowing the plans are already prepared and nothing is being overlooked.

The Lesson Plans include for each level:

  • A master schedule for the year
  • Lists for:
    • standard SWR materials
    • supplemental materials for each week (e.g. as read aloud and reader suggestions, internet links, game materials, and other resources)
    • when the Wise Guide Enrichment Activity Worksheets are scheduled
  • Instructions and tips for:
    • getting set up for the school year
    • playing a variety of phonogram and reading games for weekly review
    • modifying the plans based on teaching situations, student abilities, and varying schedules
  • Samples of the Reference Pages to be taught that year
  • Additional worksheets and activities not found in the Wise Guide Enrichment Activity Worksheets (digital download)
  • Audio files of each Wise List so the teacher can hear each word pronounced in normal speech and in the think-to-spell- manner (digital download)

The Lesson Plans include for each week:

  • A one-page Week-at-a-Glance overview
  • A chart of materials needed for each day of the week
  • Reminders for where the teacher should be in building her own Master Teacher's Log
  • Instructions and tips for:
    • how to prepare for the week
    • how to apply the "think to spell" technique to that week's words
    • when to review which phonograms and rules
    • how to build and use the Reference Pages in the appropriate Learning Log
    • how to use Cursive First when teaching beginning students (Levels A & B)
    • reviewing and quizzing both phonograms and spelling words
    • teaching grammar, composition, and other language activities
    • teaching language lessons using the Wise Guide Enrichment Activity Worksheets
  • Scheduled games for phonogram and reading review
  • End-of-the-Week Tests and Answer Keys (student version on digital download)

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  • I am blessed to have been able to use the SWR Lesson Plans because I needed structure and guidance.  These plans exceeded my expectations!  I have tried so many reading, writing, and spelling curricula. I was not getting anywhere. I knew SWR was for me because it is a classical approach, and I love the way it pairs up with what they are learning in Classical Conversations. Even the kids noticed and validated the program. Having the lessons and materials all written out was the best part. Liz took the time to tell us exactly what do every step of the way, and she has made it fun!  From adding books to read aloud, to games to play together, to making fudge, she kept it really engaging. I highly recommend this program to all my friends, and now these plans are the icing on the cake!–Kelly, Homeschooler & Plans Field Tester

  • As someone who had initially tried to teach the advanced level spelling lists without having gone to a seminar, I highly recommend the SWR Lesson Plans. I remember our first year of advanced level lists. I taught each lesson with so much uncertainty, and I dreaded the Black Log pages.  Although I knew that word etymology was an advantage of the SWR program, my child could not benefit from it because I didn’t know how to teach it. However, using the Lesson Plans has helped me navigate through all the advanced phonograms, word etymology, and the Reference Pages in the Black Log. Now I can teach the lessons confidently, and both my child and I are learning so many new things!–Angela, Homeschooler & Plans Field Tester

  • I had bought and sold SWR twice. I had no problem teaching the phonograms or dictating spelling words. I tried other programs, but I always found myself correcting and changing their rules to what I knew and believe to be the best in SWR. I decided to buy and use SWR for a third time. I knew these Daily Lesson Plans could be just what I needed to see this work for us. I have a very busy life with 5 married children, 19 grandchildren, and a home business, on top of homeschooling our youngest 3 sons of 8 children, who struggled badly with spelling. I needed help planning weekly preliminaries, reviews, and enrichments, as well as 20-40 new spelling words for three. Utilizing the Learning Log always stumped me.

    Liz has done a phenomenal work in putting together all of these aspects into Daily Lesson Plans along with the Enrichment Worksheets she developed. My boys have flourished these past two years now that we have the tools we’ve needed. They know what to expect each day and what a typical week looks like. They have even told me how happy they are that they can finally spell words they could never spell before. Thank you, Liz!
    –Pam Testi, Homeschooler & Plans Field Tester

Permission for reproducing the SWR Lesson Plan Student tests and worksheets is granted only to the individual consumer, whether that be a classroom teacher, for use within a single classroom, or a homeschooling parent, for use within a single family. In other words, each teacher in a school and each homeschool family would need to have their own copy of the plans. Thank you in advance for honoring the work that has been put into this publication, and for allowing us to receive compensation for it accordingly.