Hidden Secrets to Language Success DVD


by Wanda Sanseri

Author Wanda Sanseri uncovers the secrets to language success taught in Spell to Write and Read. Witness Wanda teaching children of various age as well as parents and educators.

I bought the new DVD last weekend in Portland at the homeschool conference. It is amazing! Buy it if you can. It has over 4 hours of Wanda's wonderful, thorough teaching. I will watch it over and over again. Well worth the price!” — Beth in SW WA

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Wanda’s new DVD gives you a visual aid demonstrating the secrets to language success as taught in Spell to Write and Read. In this 2-disc DVD set you will witness Wanda interacting with children of various age as well as parents and educators. Each disc contains approximately 2 hours of instruction.

The first volume was taken in a home setting with children of multiple ages and ability levels. The second volume was taken in one of my actual seminars. These unrehearsed teaching sessions gives glimpses of the dynamic lessons with SWR. Come be my student as you watch me teach others….In the DVD I include issues that teachers find especially bothersome like addressing the Y in words like ‘baby.’ I touch on numerous reference pages and all 12 of the extra attention ‘think to spell’ situations. Both volumes focus on the four key ‘hidden secrets’ that give SWR its strong history of success. I call these scientific aids ‘hidden secrets’ because they are neglected or totally unknown by most educators.” — Wanda Sanseri

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