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The Wise Guide Enrichment Activities Worksheets now make the powerful reinforcement ideas from The Wise Guide available in an easy-to-use format for any teacher. Students practice their spelling words in a variety of meaningful lessons that build vocabulary and connect spelling with the grammar and language in which they are found.

The Teacher Edition in this book provides answer keys, instructional tips, and ideas for how to use and modify the lessons. Instructions for teaching grammar and writing are included for the teacher that needs help in these areas.

The Student Edition on the enclosed CD includes worksheets for all of the lessons found in The Wise Guide and more, ready for the teacher to select and print.

Order one per teacher.

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A-M ISBN: 978-0-9744920-2-5
N-Z ISBN: 978-0-9744920-3-2

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While working with SWR teachers, I started noticing a pattern. These teachers loved the SWR program and the beauty of the multi-sensory approach. They worked to perfect their spelling dictation and to navigate the weekly lessons. However, they tended to overlook or skip the reinforcement activities, thus not taking full advantage of the language lessons in The Wise Guide. Their students were rarely being given the opportunity to work with and experience the spelling words in the context of the language they were expected to use for everyday reading and writing activities. This is key to understanding spelling and how the English language works.

The worksheets were developed so students could practice their spelling words in a variety of meaningful ways, all while continuing to reinforce the multi-sensory approach. For any activity in The Wise Guide from List A to Z that lends itself to a worksheet, there is one…and more!  The worksheets are easy to understand for both the student and the teacher, and instructions for teaching grammar and writing are included for the teacher that needs help in these areas.

  • I love them because they make my job so much easier. All the planning and organizing is done for me. In the past, I had to figure out how to set up a lesson and how to execute the ideas in the WG. The answer key is there for me to follow, so I know exactly what to do. It frees my mind and I know the work is getting done. My son likes them because he can see how much he has to do and what his goal is to cross the “finish line” for the week. He understands better what he’s learning from the teacher instructions. Best of all, he’s not dealing with a frustrated mother.–Arlene, Homeschooler

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