An Introduction to Spell to Write and Read DVD


by Greg Munger of Piedmont Education Services

With this DVD, follow Greg Munger into the homes of happy SWR users with students of a variety of ages. Listen to these educators talk about why they chose SWR. Watch glimpses of them interact with their students.

If you're already using Spell to Write and Read, this is a great resource to share with others to show how you're teaching spelling and reading. Schools and co-ops should have a copy on hand to show prospective families.

Excerpts of the DVD are included below.

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A Blueprint for Language Arts Success

Have you been looking for a language arts program that will help your children to be great spellers and readers? Do you currently have a language arts program and your students are great readers but poor spellers? Do you wish someone would just show you the step by step way to get started? Then this DVD is for you!

Join Greg Munger, Director of Piedmont Education Services in North Carolina, as he introduces you to the Spell to Write and Read program, a remarkable 4- to 6-year, phonics-based, multisensory, language arts curriculum. In this DVD you’ll receive the following:

  • Hear time-tested advice from 6 mothers who have been using the program
  • See how other families put Spell to Write and Read to work for them in their own children’s education
  • Learn from colorful computer graphics about some of the basic principles of reading and spelling
  • Tips for getting started
  • Overcoming roadblocks
  • and much more!

Designed by and for homeschoolers and perfect for anyone interested in a powerful language arts program, we believe you’ll find this DVD a very helpful tool to get you started on the path to language arts success.

I just got this one, and I’m glad I did. My husband connected with this one best (not surprising since Mr. Munger is narrating). I appreciated his step-by-step approach to walking through the first 12 steps of the program. His interviews with several SWR families gives insight into how others utilize the program and make it work for themselves. Little things, such as how they set up their materials or where they do their instruction, are visible as you get to “peek in” on these families.– Sarah Oden, SWR Yahoo Group Member