70 Basic Phonogram Cards


by Wanda Sanseri

The 70 Basic Phonogram Cards link the most basic letters or combinations of letters in English with the sounds they make.

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ISBN: 978-1880045-01-5

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These cards link the most basic letters or combinations of letters in English with the sounds they make. The front side of the card simply shows the phonogram as we would see it in a book. The back of each card gives detailed information for presenting the phonogram like a master teacher, including what how she is to present the phonogram and side notes for personal understanding.

The cards purposefully omit any picture clues or extra information for the student’s viewing. We want to establish the most direct connection between the symbol and the sound to develop automaticity for reading and writing. To avoid confusion in working with the SWR program, we do not recommend that you substitute cards from other systems.

These cards have been updated and now come perforated for easy preparation.

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