Play by the Sea


by Wanda Sanseri

Early spelling words abound in a book on having fun in the sun. Run, jump, and play on the land and in the big, green sea. Come look for shells in the sand by me.

An SWR beginning reader. Our program does not require a basal reader because we teach the keys to the language from the beginning, and children can read using a variety of materials. Nevertheless, Wanda has always wanted to produce some books that focus on the initial spelling words. Our first words are the most commonly used words in the language. Unlike most beginning lists, our words are not limited to only short vowel sounds. We have the potential of making more interesting and more naturally constructed sentences. This book contains all 120 of the words in Spelling Sections A-F in Wise Guide with an additional twenty-three words.

ISBN: 978-18800045-268

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