Phonogram Fun Packet


by Beall’s Learning Games

This fun packet was developed by Ruth Ann Beall, an educator with a heart for seeing children enjoy learning, and it includes nine games for reinforcing the basic phonograms and spelling rules.

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This wonderful packet of games includes the following:

  • a two-sided, color, laminated game board
  • playing cards for phonograms and spelling rules
  • game cards
  • 6 teddy bear playing pieces,
  • 100 chips
  • 1 die
  • wild cards
  • reference sheets for sounds and spelling rules
  • instructions for playing all nine games

Basic game board and pieces can be used interchangeably with other game packets to also teach addition/subtraction or multiplication/division math facts, telling time skills, and  U. S. geography. Have multiple children playing together, each studying their own subject!