Addition & Subtraction Math Facts Fun Packet


by Beall's Learning Games

An entire collection of materials for teaching addition and subtraction math facts that can be used to supplement any math curriculum.

This packet is included in our money-saving Super Yr 1 and Yr 2 Combo packages.

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This packet provides a fun way to practice your math facts! Use the game board from the Phonogram Fun Packet to play the same game with each child practicing the skill he is learning such as phonograms, U.S. Geography, telling time, or multiplication & division math facts.

This Math Facts Fun Packet includes:

  • 8 Go the Row Game Cards: 4 per fact
  • 2 Math Fact Study Sheets
  • Reproducible Quiz Sheets w/Answer Sheets
  • Math Facts 4 Way Study Sheet
  • 100+ Math Fact Playing Cards
  • 100 Chips & 2 Die
  • Directions for 11 Games (two games require gameboard in Phonogram Fun Packet)

NOTE: Not all study sheets or quizzes are shown in the picture.

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