Black Learning Log


by Wanda Sanseri

The Black Learning Log is designed for the advanced student, grades 2 and above. Guided by teacher dictation, the student will build his spelling text over the year, exploring the English language in a profound and powerful way. The new formatted black log makes this adventure a delight!

One log is needed per student each year. We suggest each teacher have a Black Learning Log to build the Master Teacher’s Log at the Advanced Level starting in whichever list the advanced student is starting. See Getting Started Tip #7 for more on why we recommend this.

ISBN: 978-180045-466


The Learning Log is one of the most important tools in the Spell to Write and Read approach. The student builds his own “text book” for logging what he is learning each year. The new formatted book for students 2nd grade and up makes the process more rewarding and fun as the student delves into new areas of language learning.

The new log has space to cover all the concepts once captured in the stock blank notebooks, but it also expands important concepts:
1) Spelling Rules: collection of ck, dge, ff, ll, ss words.
2) Grammar: subject/object pronouns, subject/verb agreement (showing where verbs sometimes follow patterns similar to the plural rule).
3) Derivative Work: Greek and Latin numbers, Greek and Latin roots, prefixes, suffixs.
4) Vocabulary: homophones and heteronyms.

The new black log includes some new reference pages that were not in the original nor are the instructions for these new pages in SWR. You’ll want to download the instructions and answer key for these new pages.

Pre-formatted Black Learning Log Instructions and Answer Key

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