“Hide & Seek” and “Finder’s Keepers” (discounted)

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by Catherine Palmer

© 2001, © 1999

Hide & Seek:

The charming town of Ambleside, Missouri, promises the new beginning Darcy Damyon longs for, far from the scandal of her past. Then her employer, Luke Easton, awakens feelings that threaten her newfound peace. Despite their mutual attraction, Darcy knows she can never risk exposing Luke and his younger daughter to the dangers that follow her.

Widower Luke Easton just wants to make a home for his daughter, Montgomery. But the mysterious and captivating stranger forces him to face the empty, lonely spaces in his life. When a menacing figure shows up to settle and old score with Darcy, Luke must risk his growing love her her- and his daughter’s safety- as they seek a truly safe hiding space. What they find will require the greatest surrender of all.

Finders Keepers:

Elizabeth Hays is determined to provide a secure home for her adopted son, Nikolai. Ambleside, Missouri, is just the place to do it. She sets her sights on a lovely Victorian house, The Chalmers Mansion, as it is the new location for her thriving antiques business.

Zachary Chalmers is shocked to inherit Chalmers Mansion from his aunt. But once cleared, the site will be perfect for his architectural firm. Out with the old, in the the new. That’s Zachary’s motto.

Even as they clash over the fate of Chalmers House, Elizabeth and Zachary discover dreams of a shared future- an idea vigorously supported by the irrepressible Nick!  But are they willing to surrender to God’s plan over their own? A surprising revelation makes them wonder whether even a wrecking ball can bring to rest the shadows of the past.


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