Survey of Basic Christianity


by O. Jean Gibson

This profound Bible study discusses topics of interest to anyone spiritually searching who wants to know what the Bible has to say on these matters. This is a great tool to use when sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with someone, for discipling a new believer, or for a basic high school level course on Christianity. Continue the study with the next book in the series, Basic Christian Training.

ISBN: 978-1-59387-096-6

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How does God speak to man? What is God really like? Why is there evil in the world? What happens after death? Who is Jesus Christ, really? Can I be sure of heaven?

Now you can explore these and other fascinating subjects that constitute the basics of the Christian faith. The book is divided into thirteen lessons, each starting with a discussion of the topic and plenty of Scripture references to see what the Word of God has to say on the subject. Probing questions help the student dig further into the Bible and understand the concepts better. Topics include:

* The Bible as God’s unique message to man
* Evidence of the existence and personality of God
* What God is like, His attributes
* Man’s origin, purpose, and responsibility
* The definition of sin, its origin and results
* Two destinies of man; Life after death
* Jesus the Messiah; His coming foretold; His deity and humanity
* The meaning of the Cross
* The necessity, means and results of being “born again”
* How to get to heaven without being religious
* The meaning of real faith; belief that makes a difference
* How to be sure of eternal life
* Principles of Christian living

Also includes three appendices:
* Explanation of Biblical terms
* Answers to basic issues of the Christian faith
* How to become a Christian

This book is excellent for individual or group Bible study, or for a solid Bible course for your High School student.

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