Basic Christian Training


by O. Jean Gibson

This powerful Bible study is for a new Christian who wants to understand the basics of what it means to have a vibrant walk with the living God. It’s a great resource to use when discipling a new believer or for a high school level Bible study on the Christian walk. It’s a terrific followup course to Survey of Basic Christianity.

ISBN: 978-1-59387-095-9

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How can I live a life pleasing to God? What does it mean for Jesus to be Lord and Savior? What does the Bible say about Baptism? How can I grow in my walk with Christ? Now you can explore these and other vital subjects involved in living out the Christian faith. The book is divided into thirteen lessons, each starting with a discussion of the topic and plenty of Scripture references to look up to see what the Word of God has to say on the subject. Probing questions which help the student dig further into the Bible and understand the concepts better are also included. Topics include:
* A whole-Bible view of God’s plan of reconciliation
* A panoramic view of the life of Christ from eternity past to His future glory
* Christ’s position as Lord; personal and practical implications
* Identification with Christ in His death, burial and resurrection
* The basis and duration of salvation
* The believer’s family: ecessity, purpose and function of the local church
* Sources of temptation; how to deal with temptation
* Meeting daily with God
* How to have a balanced diet in the Word; application of the Word to daily living
* Communication with God in prayer
* Call to witness; witness of life and word
* How to prepare a personal testimony
* The background, celebration, and preparation for the Lord’s Supper
Also includes two appendices:
* The basis for, and assurance and enjoyment of salvation
* An aid for systematic intersession This book is excellent for individual or group Bible study, or for a solid Bible course for your High School student.

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