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Christmas-Themed Ideas for Practicing Phonograms & Reading – Part 2

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I’m continuing with my TOP TEN Christmas-Themed Ideas for Practicing Phonograms & Reading. Did you miss Part 1 with the first FIVE ideas?  Read it here.

IDEA #6 – Build a Snowman Craft

This is a fun winter craft for your littles that need practice writing phonograms, sequencing sounds, and fine motor skills such as cutting and gluing.

IDEA #7 – Study Christmas Traditions Around the World

Different countries and cultures have unique ways to celebrate Christmas. Here are two reading comprehension games ($4 and $7) to not only help your budding readers learn about holiday traditions around the world, but dip into some reading comprehension skills while you’re at it!

IDEA #8 – Create a Holiday Activities Calendar

Okay, see if you can follow this idea.

  1. Start with a poster board that you make into a calendar grid for the month of December (great math skill for young kids to practice reading a calendar!).
  2. Have ready blank cards that will fit into the spaces you’ve created for your calendar.
  3. Have kids brainstorm all the activities that your family participates in during the holidays (baking cookies, visiting Grandma, getting a tree, decorating the tree, putting together a nativity scene, making gifts for family, watching Christmas movies, singing Christmas carols at the convalescent hospital, …?).
  4. Either the children or you write the name of the activity on the card.
  5. Have the children help you schedule WHEN you’ll do those activities, and put them on your December Wall Calendar.
  6. Each day the children can read the calendar and if there’s an activity card posted for that day, they can take turns reading what activity they will get to do that day.

Not only are the kids getting practical reading practice, but YOU will know when these fun activities will take place.

IDEA #9 – Christmas Reading Game for Beginners

Here’s a free reading game you can download and play with your beginning readers.

Have you taught List B from The Wise Guide yet? If so, you know that in that list Wanda Sanseri has you teach words that change meaning with a vowel change. This game not only helps your student practice blending simple 3-letter words, but the meaning of each word changes with the different vowels.

IDEA #10 – Make a Christmas Traditions Scrapbook

As you do activities related to celebrating Christmas this year, take photos of the events and print them out (instamatic camera, upload to your favorite print shop, print out on your home printer) and put them in a dollar store photo book. Have your child write a simple sentence for the picture to go in the pocket across from it describing what you did or what he liked best about that activity.

I’d love to hear about any of these idea that you have tried! Comment below OR share on my Facebook Page where I shared each of these ideas.


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