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About Spell to Write and Read

Sample SWR and WG pages 2015 by Wanda Sanseri

Senate Speech by Wanda Sanseri by Wanda Sanseri

An SWR Road Map by Elizabeth FitzGerald

SWR in a Lang Arts Program by Elizabeth FitzGerald

SWR Success Stories

Endorsements SWR

How SWR helps prepare your student to read the Bible by Wanda Sanseri

Using Spell to Write and Read

©2016 version of SWR Step #9 Consonant/Vowel Reference Page (SWR pp. 48-58)

Spelling_Diagnostic_Test_1 by Wanda Sanseri

Diagnostic_Spelling_Scale_Graph by Wanda Sanseri

Understand the Dx Test by Elizabeth FitzGerald

Spelling Dictation by Wanda Sanseri

Black Log Answer Key by Wanda Sanseri

Sample Wise Guide Enrichment Activities Worksheets from Books A-M and N-Z by Elizabeth FitzGerald

Starting SWR and/or Cursive First with a Young Child

Developmental Considerations by Elizabeth FitzGerald

Teaching Reading

Handout for “Teaching Reading…and So Much More” Presentation (see Videos: Teaching Reading)

The Victor by Marlayne Giron

The Old School House Magazine Review