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Teaching Reading and Writing with Cursive First

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Back in 2012 I had the pleasure of joining Hank and Sherry Osborne of the Home School Support Network on a podcast in which we discussed the benefits of and methods for teaching cursive. During our time together we discussed the following topics.

  • Statistics on our nation’s literacy failures
  • Why handwriting is important
  • The history of handwriting in our country
  • How/why a shift was made in our educational system for reading and handwriting
  • The advantages of learning cursive first
  • Why cursive when we are a society filled with print from computers and printing presses
  • The effects of switching from print to cursive
  • How cursive can be used with special needs where they have weak or tired hands
  • How to begin teaching cursive (i.e., tactile practice of strokes using a salt box, sidewalk chalk, etc.)

The entire episode is 1:18:06 in length, so grab a cup of coffee or your favorite tea and have a listen.

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