Reviews and Endorsements from Cursive First users 

Overall, I have really enjoyed using this program and will continue to as my new ones begin learning how to write. The very first thing I wanted to mention about this program is that it is very very cost effective.  You can reproduce the practice sheets for every one of your five, ten or fifteen children!! … when you factor in that you can reproduce the necessary pages, you’ve really got a winner with this one! — Jennifer Schmidt, Blogger, FL


Cursive First teaches a fairly simple style of cursive; it includes simple loops and a moderate slant…Other kinesthetic activities for developing both gross and small motor coordination are suggested in the book, so this isn’t simply a pencil-and-paper approach. — Cathy Duffy, Curriculum Reviewer, CA  Read the full review at Cathy Duffy Reviews.


My two oldest children learned manuscript printing, but after hearing about the idea of teaching cursive first, I chose this method for my third child. He developed a nice handwriting, eliciting our first and only compliment from Grandma regarding homeschooling. He easily reads and uses both print and cursive. The letters are grouped by similar strokes in the Cursive First packet making them easy to learn. Instruction for the multi-letter phonograms matches The WISE Guide. I decided to use the practice sheets for my older children, and their cursive improved as well! Cursive First is something I plan to provide and emphasize for all of them at the beginning of each school year. — Rhonda Bedee, SWR Trainer, TX


Cursive is so much easier for the teacher and the student because it eliminates confusion as to where to begin letters and how to write them. My children learned the cursive quickly. Although I was concerned that they would have problems recognizing bookface letters, they had no problem reading print in books as they were learning the cursive. The house diagram in Cursive First gave good spacial reference for my son when learning how to write on lines. The practice sheets provided the right ratio of letter models to the amount of blank room left for practicing. Using a half sheet of paper was encouraging to my children that the practice was doable. — Betsy Williams, Homeschooling Mother, CA


If you’ve been thinking about bypassing traditional printing you should consider Cursive First. It is a very thorough curriculum, and it also comes with a set of three numeral cards, the cursive alphabet, and three instruction cards, and what I always appreciate is the teaching dialogue that is included as well. — Kathy Davis, Curriculum Reviewer, NY  Read more of this review at Homeschool Buzz.


Last year I taught my first grade daughter penmanship with Cursive First. In just 10 to 15 minutes every other day, beautiful penmanship was achieved, and it soon become her best subject! Teaching the penmanship verbally with the instruction cards made it very easy to teach the correct formation of each letter. The style of cursive used in the program is an easy-to-learn form of writing. I will be using Cursive First with my preschool son this year, based on the fact children continually revert back to the style of writing they first learn. The price is far less than it’s worth. Not only will my child be learning phonograms in a fun way, but the Teacher’s Manual is full of tips for proper penmanship instruction, ways to establish good writing posture, the correct way of holding a pencil, and other wonderful habits to establish early on as taught in the classical teaching of penmanship. Twice the benefit! I can’t wait to use it in full force with the SWR program. We are thankful for this user-friendly program. A lot of time and research obviously went into this excellent program! — Mrs. Yrigollen, Homeschooling Mother, CA


I had been teaching my youngest boys with a different cursive program last year and while there are many very nice things about that cursive, I now see that Cursive First is much better. I am using it to teach three children and am quite pleased with it. My 7-year-old was pretty good at cursive when we started, but my 6-year-old was balking and had a lot of directional problems. He is doing much better now and just wrote the word “hill” today on the “I” page all by himself with beautiful handwriting. I like how Cursive First starts with the clock face letters; I have never seen a cursive program that does that. I just do a few lines every few days with my 4-year-old, and since the clock letters are taught in such an orderly way, I don’t think he’ll have the directional problems that the 6-year-old did. The program is arranged in such a logical and methodical order, and it saves me a lot of money because I can copy the practice pages to use with all three kids. I have two more younger kids, so I will be able to use Cursive First with five children (at least). That is a great bargain to me! — Britta McColl, Endorsed SWR Trainer & Homeschooling Mother, WI


We began using Cursive First at the beginning of the year with my 3rd and 1st graders. My 3rd grader also hated to write. Now that he is learning to spell with SWR and writing in cursive, he is blossoming in his writing skills and rarely complains about having to write. It is, however, a process to transition from manuscript to cursive. It will take some time. I jumped for joy the day I saw my son labeling his math word problems in cursive. That is when I knew it was going to stick eventually. He says he likes cursive because it is so much easier. Who would have known? — Peggy Rose, Homeschooling Mother, CA