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End of the Year – Part One

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Ah, summer sun, popsicles, time at the pool, and school books set aside for the summer. It’s that time again when teachers are preparing to wrap up their lessons in anticipation of the much-needed summer break. How does an SWR teacher know she’s covered enough material? What kind of assessments can she use to measure the student’s progress for the year? Let’s look at ...

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Spelling Dictation Faux Pas – Part Three

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Today’s post finishes our Spelling Dictation Faux Pas series.

Read Part One and Part Two here.

Let’s examine the last of the common teaching dictation errors that can slip into our presentation of new spelling words. To follow along, see your SWR book p. 75.

Faux Pas #11: Doing all the mental thinking for the student.

Engage him fully: have him identify syllable breaks, drive the ...

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Spelling Dictation Faux Pas – Part One

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The dictation process for teaching new spelling words is a critical part of the SWR method.

New spelling words are best put into the brain in the same manner they will be retrieved: drawing words from our brain to the paper. Most programs teach new spelling the opposite way: from paper (or tiles, magnets, etc.) to our brain. In SWR, however, the teacher guides the ...

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Live Video Support … it’s the cherry on top!

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We offer our SWR and Cursive First users tremendous support — and now interactive videos?

Video support for Spell to Write and Read and Cursive First is now available on my Facebook Page. This is your chance to join me in a session, ask questions, and discuss the topics you’ve asked for…in the LIVE STREAMING format.

July 1 – Let’s Peek at ...

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