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We offer our SWR and Cursive First users tremendous support — and now interactive videos?

Video support for Spell to Write and Read and Cursive First is now available on my Facebook Page. This is your chance to join me in a session, ask questions, and discuss the topics you’ve asked for…in the LIVE STREAMING format.

July 1 – Let’s Peek at Your Tools
We’ll look at various materials you can use with SWR and Cursive First, discussing what is helpful for which students and why.

July 8 – The Five WHs of Phonograms (who, what, where, when, why)
More about phonograms: who learns what when, where they fit into your teaching, and why phonograms are the foundation to your language learning.

July 15 – Sorting out the 2 Levels
What are the differences between the two learning logs? How do you start at these two levels? What are the fundamental differences between them?

July 29 – Placing your Student(s) in the Wise List
Answering YOUR questions about where you should start, this session will be most helpful if you have your student’s diagnostic tests handy. Even better, I’ll accept three tests from viewers (email them to me by mid-day on Thursday, 7/28), and during our time together I’ll show you how to determine your student’s best starting point in the Wise List.

If you don’t have the SWR book, you can download the 1st diagnostic test here.

Go to my SWRTraining page and watch the replays in the video section.
May 18 – SWR & Preschoolers
June 3 – Teaching Phonograms
June 10 – Teaching Penmanship
June 17 – Teaching over the Summer

In the future, these videos will be uploaded to YouTube so that non-Facebook users can view them as well. We’ll let you know when those are available.

largeiconBonus Broadcasts — I will also be on Periscope on Fridays around 11:00 am PDT. As a retired homeschool mom, my desire is to pour back into the homeschool community some of what I’ve learned along the way. Come watch my videos that support homeschool moms in the adventure of a lifetime. Follow me with the Periscope app (iTunes or Google Play) or watch live & replay videos at

During July I’ll be READING ALOUD from two adventure novels. Gather your kids for Read Aloud time with me (recommended ages 4th grade on up).

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