You Can Do It! SWR-DVD


by Britta McColl

This fast-paced, intimate films shows Endorsed SWR Trainer Britta McColl teaching the program to her children. In this DVD, Britta opens the door to her home so that you can glimpse the SWR program at work with her preschool and grade school children. This DVD is an especially good resource if you have young children just starting to learn to read and write.

Below is an excerpt from Britta's DVD, which is included in most of our K4/K5 Combo Packages.

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This SWR DVD features Endorsed SWR Trainer Britta McColl teaching her own children in her home with SWR. This fast-paced, intimate look at SWR gives you the confidence and ability to get started teaching SWR to your children. Chapter markers make it easy to review the activities over and over again, and the up-close filming enables you to see what the children and the teacher are writing. It focuses on:

* How to teach SWR with multiple ages,

* Beginning handwriting skills,

* Games to teach the phonograms,

* How to do a phonogram quiz,

* The dictation process for both single syllable words, and multisyllable words using “fingergrams” or “finger spelling.”

I LOVE this one! Britta is so sweet and natural in her presentation. I especially like all the ways her young children are involved, since I have many young ones. You see snips of different sessions with her and the children, again, very natural and an “at home” feel. — Sarah Oden, SWR Yahoo Group Member

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